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Drug Treatment and Alcohol Rehab Centers in Allerton, Illinois

How To Choose An Allerton, Illinois Alcohol and Drug Rehab Facility

Are you trying to get rehab for a continuing substance abuse issue and/or a dual diagnosis mental health disorder? Then you might want to find an Allerton, Illinois drug rehabilitation center that is likely to meet your requirements for rehabilitation and recovery.

And though addiction is thought to be an issue that you may not have been able get a handle on, ongoing recovery will be a personal choice that you must make.

1. Programs

The initial thing you may want to find out about are the types of care that the substance abuse treatment center offers. Alcohol and drug addiction are conditions that move through a series of predictable phases.

As such, you may require a wide range of programs to help you conquer this condition and find full sobriety. Therefore, you should make sure that the drug and alcohol treatment center in Allerton, Illinois you are interested in has trained health professionals like doctors, psychiatrists, nurses, and therapists among others on staff. These experts should also be licensed and experienced to provide you with their unique treatment services.

In some instances, you might also learn that you need distinctive treatment programs to meet your unique requirements. At this time, alcohol and drug treatment facilities in Allerton, Illinois might provide options like partial hospitalization, day treatment, inpatient, residential, outpatient, and short term.

2. Treatment Cost

The price to attend a drug rehabilitation in Allerton, Illinois can be too much for some individuals. But, you can still find a facility that is perfect for you in regards to cost.

That said, the cost of continuing rehabilitation all depends on the kind of program that you pick. So, you might want to keep in mind what things the cost covers and which services that are paid for by your insurance.

The best way to see how much drug and alcohol treatment will set you back would be to talk to intake advisors at the rehab. You can discuss your insurance coverage or your financial concerns and they will assist you in narrowing down your choices to what best meets your needs in the most cost-effective way possible.

You should also realize that even though attending drug rehabilitation in Allerton, Illinois seems expensive, the cost of drug and alcohol addiction - when left untreated or managed - will exceed the cost of rehab.

3. Medical Services

Last but not least, you might want to make sure that an alcohol and drug rehab center has medical support before you check into it. This is because many individuals often need 24-hour medical and hospital healthcare services - particularly in the first phase of their recovery when they are undergoing detox.

Allerton, IL has a total of 6 drug rehab centers. Some of the types of treatment centers you can find in Allerton are:

Outpatient Treatment

Although inpatient drug rehab is the most common form of addiction treatment in the United States, there are in certain instances in which outpatient treatment might be the preferred form of recovery.

For instance, if you have a mild or short lasting substance use disorder, you might be able to recover through an outpatient drug rehab program in Allerton. This is also the case if you have not been diagnosed with any other co-occurring mental health and medical disorders over and above your mild addiction.

You should undergo thorough assessment and evaluation at the start of your addiction treatment to ensure that you have chosen the right form of recovery - between inpatient and outpatient treatment.

There are 4 drug rehab centers that offer this service.

Long-Term Inpatient Drug Rehab

Long-term inpatient drug rehab in Allerton is the most commonly recommended type of addiction treatment. however, it does not always suit every case of a substance use disorder and addiction.

More specifically, you should only go for long-term inpatient drug rehab if you have been diagnosed with an addiction that has been ongoing in the long term, and which has become too severe to manage through any other form of addiction treatment program.

That said, in such a program, you might be able to benefit from a wide variety of recovery services. They will be provided repetitively over the long term to ensure that you achieve complete sobriety by the time you check out of the long-term inpatient drug rehab.

There is 1 drug rehab center that offers this service.

DUI Offenders

DUI - driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs - is one of the most commonly committed crimes in the United States. In 2014, for instance, over 1 million drivers were arrested on these charges.

The goal of addiction treatment for DUI offenders is to ensure that people convicted on a driving under the influence charge receive the help they need to overcome their addiction to alcohol and drugs.

Through such treatment, such patients can check into a rehab program in lieu of going to prison or dealing with other penalties put in place by the criminal justice system - at least until they complete their addiction treatment in Allerton, IL for DUI offenders program.

There are 2 drug rehab centers that offer this service.

Local and Nearby Listings For Allerton, Illinois

PATS Prevention and Treatment Services

PATS Prevention and Treatment Services is a drug treatment and alcohol rehabilitation center that is located at 300 South Broadway Avenue Urbana, IL 61801 You can contact PATS Prevention and Treatment Services by calling 217-954-1128.

Types of Services
Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment, Outpatient Treatment, Services for Minors, Dual Diagnosis, Addiction Treatment for Women, Drug and Alcohol Treatment for Men, DUI Offenders, Spanish Speaking
Payment Structure & Forms
Medicaid, Medicare, Private Pay, Self Pay, Sliding Scale Fee

ABBCON Counseling

ABBCON Counseling is a drug rehab and alcohol rehab facility that is located at 107 West South Central Avenue Tuscola, IL 61953 You can contact ABBCON Counseling by calling 217-253-3111.

Types of Services
Outpatient Treatment, Spanish Speaking
Payment Structure & Forms
Medicaid, Self Pay

Douglas County Mental Health and

Douglas County Mental Health and is a drug addiction treatment and alcohol rehab center that is located at 114 West Houghton Street Tuscola, IL 61953 You can contact Douglas County Mental Health and by calling 217-253-4731.

Types of Services
Mental Health Treatment, Outpatient Treatment, Hearing Impaired Clients
Payment Structure & Forms
Medicaid, Medicare, Private Pay, Self Pay

Canaan Development Foundation

Canaan Development Foundation is an alcohol addiction treatment and drug treatment center that is located at 213 North Central Avenue Urbana, IL 61801 You can contact Canaan Development Foundation by calling 217-344-7233.

Types of Services
Residential Long-Term Rehab
Payment Structure & Forms
Help with Payments

Carle Addiction Recovery Center

Carle Addiction Recovery Center is an alcohol rehab and drug rehab program that is located at 204 West University Avenue Urbana, IL 61801 You can contact Carle Addiction Recovery Center by calling 217-383-6039.

Types of Services
Health Services, Outpatient Treatment, Addiction Treatment for Women, Drug and Alcohol Treatment for Men, DUI Offenders, Hearing Impaired Clients
Payment Structure & Forms
Private Pay, Self Pay

Cunningham Childrens Home

Cunningham Childrens Home is a drug treatment and alcoholism treatment facility that is located at 1301 North Cunningham Avenue Urbana, IL 61802 You can contact Cunningham Childrens Home by calling 217-367-3728.

Types of Services
Mental Health Treatment
Payment Structure & Forms

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