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Drug Treatment and Alcohol Rehab Centers in Austell, Georgia

Expectations At An Alcohol and Drug Rehab Program in Austell, Georgia

If you are checking into an Austell, Georgia addiction treatment center for the first time, you might not know what lies ahead. Although this is usually the initial action you should take while striving for sobriety, abstinence, and recovery in the long term, there are some facts about drug and alcohol rehab centers in Austell, Georgia that you should be aware of.

Consider the following:


This is typically the first step in addiction treatment - at least for many substance abuse issues. Many residential drug and alcohol treatment facilities in Austell, Georgia have an in-house detox program. But, you might learn that the treatment program you wish to attend makes its clients go through detoxification at another place first before checking in. This mainly applies to those rehabilitation centers that require you to get sober before they can offer you their treatment services.

The Facilities

Every alcohol and drug rehab program in Austell, Georgia has its own unique physical facilities. These may go from luxurious facilities to camp-style settings (which are usually for assisting troubled teens overcome their substance use and behavioral issues).

In general, the higher end alcohol and drug treatment facilities tend to be more expensive. But also, there are a few no- and low-cost alcohol and drug rehabs created for individuals who need recovery services but can't afford luxury rehabilitation.

No Lock Rule

Many alcohol and drug rehab centers in Austell, Georgia do not lock their doors. This means that you are free to stay at the center or leave whenever you want. That even includes people who have been sent to the treatment program through the court system can also walk out. Although you will most likely face some dire consequences by taking this step, the Austell, Georgia rehabilitation program will not hold you back - and you are free to leave.

The no locks policy is in place in many of these alcohol and drug rehab facilities because they believe that the treatment or rehab program will not work unless you really want to recover. Therefore, if you check into the program knowing that you plan on using drugs or drinking again, you will wasting everyone's time and your money.


Education is at the center of most Austell, Georgia drug and alcohol treatment programs. However, it varies from one facility to the other. Even so, the educational courses would be customized to ensure that you have a clear understanding of your addiction while helping you alter your beliefs and attitudes towards drug and alcohol abuse.

While still in the early recovery stages, you may still be in denial about how severe your alcohol and drug abuse has gotten. On the other hand, you may be somewhat ambivalent about quitting drugs and alcohol completely.

Hence, the point of addiction education should be to try to get over this ambivalence and/or denial. It could also ensure that you become more committed to a new life of sobriety.

Overall, the alcohol and drug treatment program will teach you about the nature of your addiction as well as the consequences of ongoing drug abuse.

Additional Services

  • Family Meetings
  • Counseling and Group Therapy
  • Aftercare Programs

Austell, GA has a total of 3 drug rehab centers. Some of the types of treatment centers you can find in Austell are:

Hospital Inpatient Treatment

There are different levels of hospital inpatient treatment. They include crisis stabilization, which is designed to meet the needs of patients with severe substance use disorders and co-occurring disorders.

You can also find some programs that offer exceptional detoxification services. These programs in Austell can help you overcome your withdrawal symptoms and drug cravings as they arise during the first few stages of your addiction recovery.

The important thing is to ensure that you are completely immersed in the treatment program. By so doing, you will potentially be able to overcome all the disorders that you are struggling with as well as achieve a state of complete stability.

There is 1 drug rehab center that offers this service.

Drug Rehabs That Cater to LGBTQ Clients

Specialized substance abuse treatment programs in Austell geared toward members of the LGBTQ community have much in common with more general treatment programs. Participants will choose between more intensive inpatient programs, in which people are under professional supervision 24 hours a day, and less immersive outpatient programs, in which people come to the facility for treatment but do not reside there.

Individual LGBTQ-specific substance use treatment programs might also vary in their prescribed duration of treatment and in terms of their ability to administer medications (to help stabilize mood or ease anxiety, for example).

As with most substance use treatment programs, LGBTQ-specific treatment often begins with detoxification, in which the staff members utilize a set of interventions to manage withdrawal and eliminate the substance from the patient's body.

There is 1 drug rehab center that offers this service.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers

When you choose dual diagnosis treatment centers in Austell as your ideal form of recovery, it would typically because you have a severe mental health disorder over and above your substance abuse and addiction.

Through the treatments offered in such a center, you will receive the help that you need to overcome these disorders - managing your mental health while also dealing with your drug and alcohol related issues.

Today, dual diagnosis treatment centers can offer you thorough evaluation and assessment as well as create a highly customized recovery and rehabilitation plan to improve your outcomes in treatment. they are the most commonly recommended types of rehab for people with both addiction and co-occurring disorders.

There are 3 drug rehab centers that offer this service.

Local Listings In Austell, Georgia

Cobb Douglas Community Service Board

Cobb Douglas Community Service Board is an alcohol rehab and drug rehabilitation facility that is located at 6133 Love Street Austell, GA 30168 You can contact Cobb Douglas Community Service Board by calling 770-819-9229.

Types of Services
Mental Health Treatment, Outpatient Treatment, Dual Diagnosis, Court Appointed Clients
Payment Structure & Forms
Medicaid, Medicare, Private Pay, Military Insurance, Self Pay, Sliding Scale Fee

Purpose Inc

Purpose Inc is a drug rehab and alcohol rehabilitation center that is located at 5655 Austell Powder Spring Road Austell, GA 30106 You can contact Purpose Inc by calling 770-948-9088.

Types of Services
Outpatient Treatment, Services for Minors, Dual Diagnosis, Addiction Treatment for Women, Drug and Alcohol Treatment for Men, Court Appointed Clients
Payment Structure & Forms
Private Pay, Self Pay

Wellstar Cobb New Vision

Wellstar Cobb New Vision is an alcohol rehabilitation and drug treatment program that is located at 3950 Austell Road Austell, GA 30106 You can contact Wellstar Cobb New Vision by calling 470-732-1287.

Types of Services
Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment, Health Services, Drug and Alcohol Detox, Outpatient Treatment, Inpatient Treatment, Services for Minors, Dual Diagnosis, HIV - AIDS, Gay and Lesbian, Seniors Drug and Alcohol Treatment, Pregnant Women, Addiction Treatment for Women, Drug and Alcohol Treatment for Men, Court Appointed Clients, Hearing Impaired Clients, Spanish Speaking, Languages other than Spanish
Payment Structure & Forms
Medicaid, Medicare, Private Pay, Military Insurance, Self Pay, Sliding Scale Fee, Help with Payments

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