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Drug Treatment Centers For Men

Drug and alcohol rehab facilities for men primarily focuses on the specific rehab needs that most men have while struggling with alcoholism and drug addiction. This is because addiction tends to work differently for men and women. As such, rehabilitation for it should address all these peculiarities while focusing on the problems that men typically run into while trying to battle substance use disorders.

For instance, addicted men tend to experience social and cultural pressure as well as emotional issues that are different from those women undergo. Additionally, men tend to deal with problems, traumas, and issues differently than women.

This is because men and women are different in how they communicate, act, and think. As such, drug and alcohol treatment facilities for men are structured to specifically work for men in ways that can increase the chances of full rehab, recovery, and sobriety.

Understanding Alcohol And Drug Treatment Centers For Men

The NHSDU (National Household Survey on Drug Abuse) reports that men are twice as likely as women to abuse drugs. Additionally, men are more likely than women to use hard drugs and alcohol like heroin, hallucinogens, cocaine, and methamphetamines.

Likewise, research indicates that drugs and alcohol affect women and men differently. On the physical level, men tend to process intoxicating substances differently while on the psychological level they confront different gender-specific triggers and social challenges.

To this end, although not every rehab center is separated according to gender, some drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs provide separate recovery resources designed specifically for men with addiction.

These programs are designed to offer integrative and comprehensive treatments that can help men heal themselves - body, mind, and spirit. They also use gender responsive and integrative treatment models that go above and beyond the basic fundamentals of 12 step meetings and abstinence to address different aspects of addiction recovery for men.

Some of the aspects that drug and alcohol rehab programs for men address include but are not limited to:

  • Experiential therapy
  • Expressive therapy
  • Healthy values
  • Medical needs
  • Neurological health
  • Sexual health
  • Systemic health
  • Trauma-informed care

Importance Of Drug And Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers For Men

When men have the chance to participate in a gender specific rehab program, they are more inclined to remain at the program longer. Research shows that the longer patients stay in rehabilitation, the more likely they are to recover completely and stay away from triggers and relapse.

Therefore, drug treatment programs for men are designed to increase the opportunity for life long sustained sobriety and reduce the rates of relapse among male patients at the treatment facility.

The clinical team at the facility will also meet regularly to discuss the work they do with patients. In certain instances, they observe the following whenever women are not in their presence:

  • Are less competitive with other clients
  • Develop stronger bonds (of camaraderie)
  • Express broader ranges of emotion
  • Increase their display of vulnerability
  • Support the other clients more readily
  • Take better care of other men undergoing therapy and drug and alcohol addiction treatment
  • Use less humor as a deflection tactic

When these factors are considered on a whole, they often lead to more reflective, honest, and open rehab experiences for the men who are fighting drug addiction and substance use issues.

Additionally, the men participating in the services tend to open more to each other and share things that they would probably never have thought to verbalize. Likewise, the clients delve deeper into the issues that they wouldn't have thought would apply to them.

Lastly, drug treatment facilities for men eliminate the potential romantic distractions that might be present if there were women present. Although some of the men may be part of the LGBTQ+ community, therapists at these programs indicate that flirtation is not really a problem in single gender rehabilitation environments.

Apart from the above, it is very apparent that men avoid and/or seek rehab for drug for reasons that are different from those women use. To this end, men are generally more inclined to:

  • Avoid treatment because they fear it might damage their careers
  • Consider that their capacity drink is a measure of their masculinity
  • Consider that seeking drug and alcohol rehab is an apparent sign of weakness
  • Believe and drug and alcohol addiction without any external assistance/help
  • Deny that they have a problem with alcohol and drugs
  • Escape rehab because they fear failing their families and dependents
  • Feel that they can keep operating normally even while drug and alcohol addicted
  • Seek rehabilitation as a result of external factors like interventions, work related consequences, and legal issues

Most of these factors are intertwined in the issue of masculine identity but often lead men to begin rehabilitation much later than they may have otherwise. As a result, they might contribute to the condition getting worse as well as expose the addicted person to increased spiritual, emotional, and physical consequences.

Through drug treatment facilities for men, however, these factors and problems can easily be addressed especially because there won't be women present. In the long term, therefore, this form of rehabilitation often results in better outcomes than if the recovering addicts had opted for another mode of rehab.

How Drug Treatment Facilities For Men Works

The main unifying themes than tend to run through the majority of the aspects of alcohol and drug rehab programs for men include vulnerability and communication. Where women are present, therefore, most men tend to default to their usual behavioral norms and dogmas - which make them appear to be immune to pain, stoic, and strong, and show no emotion or vulnerability.

Because men are are inclined to not show weakness, to act cool, and to try and impress women, they may not benefit from a mixed gender drug and alcohol addiction treatment center.

On the other hand, when they undergo rehab at programs specifically for men, the majority of of them discard their inhibitions and exhibit new forms of bravery. The tend to drop the macho persona and begin admitting that they have a problem they need help with. Others own their fears and start sharing more of their experiences with other men present.

Over time, this tends to be the key that unlocks the doors to sobriety, recovery, and freedom from drugs. At the end of the rehabilitation, the men are able to overcome their problems and address all other underlying issues that might be at the root of their addiction and substance use issues.

Overall, even as you continue struggling with substance abuse, you should keep in mind that help is just around the corner. With drug rehabilitation facilities for men, you no longer need to be concerned that your natural or learned tendencies around women may affect your rehabilitation. Get started with treatment today and find the relief you need from your addiction.

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