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Alcohol And Drug Rehab Facilities For Teens And Adolescents

Drug and alcohol treatment programs for teens and adolescents are designed to help teenagers and adolescents conquer their substance use disorders and drug addiction. In particular, they focus on issues related to drugs like marijuana, meth, ecstasy, heroin, and cocaine, as well as over the counter drugs and alcohol, prescription medications, among other intoxicating substances.

Most of these alcohol and drug rehab programs for teens and adolescents tend to incorporate the key elements essential for the effective rehab of substance misuse and addiction. Research shows that the most workable and successful of these treatments are offered on a long-term basis.

Specifically, teens may be provided with comprehensive screening evaluations before enrollment as well as ongoing evaluation and testing throughout their stay at the treatment center. In doing so, the drug addiction treatment staff can easily determine the treatment needs and assess progress of the teenage clients.

Many of these needs can be challenging, one reason a multifaceted and comprehensive approach to rehabilitation tends to be more workable. More specifically, the treatments provided at drug rehab facilities for teens and adolescents are designed to address most - if not all - of the crucial elements required to establish comprehensive, personalized, and workable care just for teenagers.

Understanding Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers For Teens And Adolescents

Teens have a reputation for experimentation and partying. According to recent research, around 75 % of all students in high school have used intoxicating substances at least one time in their lives. In addiction about 50% of all these students currently use alcohol and drugs.

You can avoid drug and alcohol treatment facilities for teens and adolescents by teaching your children and keeping your home safe from intoxicating substances. However there is only so much that you can do. Therefore, if your best efforts are in vain, you must consider getting them enrolled in a drug addiction rehabilitation program.

Does Rehab Work For Teens?

The rehabilitation programs offered at drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs for teens and adolescents tend to be highly workable. In other cases, they might prove to be the major turning point that that will save your child's life.

Today, many of substance abuse rehabilitation programs focus on helping teens and young people overcome their addiction. However, full recovery is never guaranteed completely due to the risk of relapse, you can be sure that rehab may save your child's life. Even if they might not be cured entirely, the time they spend at the rehab center will act as a wake-up call that could let them know more about the dangers and risks of continued substance misuse.

How Drug And Alcohol Treatment Facilities For Teens And Adolescents Work

After being admitted to the rehabilitation, your teen will undergo appropriate testing and assessment to provide a diagnosis for their condition as well as a custom built rehabilitation plan. In most cases, the treatments offered at the drug rehabilitation programs for teens and adolescents will include variations of the following rehab modalities:

After enrollment in a rehabilitation, your teen will undergo appropriate analysis and assessment to provide a diagnosis for their condition as well as a custom built rehabilitation plan. In most cases, the programs offered at the drug rehab programs for teens and adolescents will include variations of the following rehab modalities:

  • Detox to deal with withdrawal symptoms and pains
  • Therapy, including CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), family therapy, contingency management, motivational interviewing, and recreational therapy
  • Diagnosis and rehabilitation for any mental health issues, such as depression or bipolar disorder
  • Academic programs and resources so teen clients can continue with their education while in treatment

The Length Of Drug Rehab For Adolescents And Teens

The length of the stay at the drug and alcohol rehab facilities for teens and adolescents will vary significantly depending on the particular needs of your child. In most cases, however, the rehab plan might be drawn out to take 6 months, 90 days, or 30 days based on the withdrawal symptoms and severity of drug addiction as well the presence of co-occurring conditions, among others.

So, if your teenager is diagnosed with a substance use disorder, you should not expect them to improve in a couple of days or weeks. Factually, if their disorder is severe, they might have to undergo rehabilitation for several months before they can fully overcome addiction. The worst thing, therefore, would be to end their rehab prematurely or abruptly.

Helping Teens Stay Clean

After the stay at the alcohol and drug rehab centers for teens and adolescents, your child will be thrust right back into an environment full of temptations and known triggers. Since addiction is a cyclic problem that tends to recur, you should do more than just help your teen kick their habit. Specifically, you should help them prepare plans to prevent themselves from relapsing.

Some options that could help you out in this include:

  • 12 step programs like NA (Narcotics Anonymous) and AA (Alcoholic Anonymous) among others
  • One on one counseling and therapy

Rehabilitation For Co-Occurring And Dual Diagnosis

For many adolescents, abusing drugs and alcohol is only half of the problem. In some instances, their drug addiction might be caused by a pre-existing mental health disorder. In addition, substance use disorders can also cause other severe mental health problems for your child.

If your teen has these disorders, it will be referred to as a co-occurring or dual diagnosis issue irrespective of which came first. When this occurs, the journey to full recovery may require a long, more intensive stay at drug rehab programs for teens and adolescents.

In particular, these cases will require the most specialized approach - one that incorporates treatment and rehabilitation for all problems that your teen is struggling with. Luckily, recovery for dual diagnosis teens is still a reality but it needs to be addressed right away.

Who Needs Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers For Teens And Adolescents?

The more effective way to determine whether you should admit your child into a rehabilitation center is by checking if they display any or most of the classic signs of addiction and substance misuse.

You should talk to their doctor and share the symptoms with them. The doctor will, thereafter, be better able to analyze the issue and try determining what your teen is experiencing. When they determine that your teenager has been using harmful substances, they will recommend some treatment and rehabilitation options for you.

Overall, you may find it daunting to realize that your adolescent child has to undergo rehab at a program. However, this is a far superior option than neglecting their substance abuse issues. Luckily, there are many drug rehabilitation centers for teens and adolescents that you can now turn to for the help needed to ensure that your child conquers their drug addiction. The earlier they start rehab, the easier it will be for them (and for the entire family) in the long run.

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