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Drug Treatment For Women

Drug Treatment For Women

Drug treatment for women is focused on ensuring that the particular substance abuse and addiction rehabilitation needs of women are met. These services and programs exist because addiction in women tends to have distinct origins and progression - meaning that it sometimes requires specific treatment methods.

Today, research shows that drug and alcohol abuse among women - as well as all other issues surrounding this type of addiction differs from what men go through. As such, it can be beneficial for you go for drug treatment regimens specialized for women.

In fact, addicted women tend to have different psychological profiles and narratives in comparison to addicted men. In particular, most women tend to start abusing drugs and other intoxicating substances as a coping mechanism to deal with emotional pain and trauma. Women might also have a wider range of cultural pressures and social issues that most men would not necessarily experience.

Today, therefore, drug treatment for women can be an effective alternative to drug treatment as opposed to checking into a traditional alcohol and substance abuse treatment facility.

Understanding Drug Treatment For Women

According to Psychiatric Times, women are close to half as likely as men to start abusing, become tolerant and dependent, and eventually suffer the affliction of addiction. However, both men and women tend to abuse prescription drugs at roughly the same rates.

In the past, most substance abuse treatment programs focused more on men because they formed the largest part of the population that uses drugs and alcohol. However, recent research notes that women would benefit more from a program tailored to their particular needs and requirements than if they checked into a mainstream addiction treatment facility.

Even though the gender gap between women and men who are addicted and abuse drugs and alcohol seems to be closing in, it is clear that more women need specialized treatment to ensure that they do not relapse and are able to overcome their addiction.

Women, Substance Abuse, And Addiction

According to research, women tend to abuse drugs and alcohol for shorter periods of time in comparison to men - even though they have a higher rate of addiction. This is because intoxicating substances ted to alter brain chemistry. For women, these alterations might occur faster and evolve into drug dependence - which would later progress to addiction and compulsive drug use.

NIDA also reports than women are more susceptible than men to drug cravings. They are also more likely to relapse. This might be due to the fact that women tend to metabolize alcohol and drugs at different rates, which might raise their risk of dependence. Similarly, women weigh less and - as such - have lower levels of the essential enzymes that work to break down alcohol and other intoxicating substances.

Additionally, the hormonal changes that are typically associated with pregnancy, menopause, and menstruation might also influence the addiction vulnerability for women. For instance, pregnancy could make it more difficult for some women to deal with addiction and drug abuse.

Apart from the above, women face greater stigma with addiction - especially those who are pregnant or who have children. As such, drug treatment for women should focus on addressing all these issues to ensure that the clients recover fully and start living life free of drugs, alcohol, and other intoxicating substances.

How Drug Treatment For Women Works

As a woman, there are tons of potential barriers that might keep you from seeking treatment. These barriers tend to be specific and unique to women and may include, but are not limited to:

  • Financial hardship
  • Family responsibilities and childcare concerns
  • Transportation problems
  • Cultural and social stigmatization
  • The presence of dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorders

Therefore, drug treatment for women can help you overcome most if not all of these barriers to your rehabilitation. The program can also provide highly specialized treatment methods in an environment only populated by women.

Additionally, the programs may focus on:

  • Helping you learn how to cope with cultural expectations, stigma, and stress
  • Managing all co-occurring disorders
  • Minimizing the risk of relapse
  • Providing childcare services for your family (if any)
  • Providing transportation services for you
  • Your emotional needs

Importance Of Drug Treatment For Women

The issues that women face on a daily basis considerably influence their need to abuse drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism. As such, most of the women who have addiction problems tend to have also suffered sexual or physical abuse at one point or the other in their lifetimes. Therefore, if you were sexually or physically assaulted, you might turn to drugs or alcohol to mask your pain and stress and try to forget that it happened in the first place.

That said, drug treatment for women might help you work through all the painful issues and problems that you may have encountered and which could be contributing to or aggravating your substance use disorder, co-occurring mental health conditions, and addiction.

Additionally, the role you are required to play in your family might have an impact on your risk of substance abuse. If you have children, a spouse, or aging family members, you may be required to take care of them in ways that a man would not. These responsibilities will further be aggravated if you need to earn a living and continue providing for those in your charge without any help from a partner. Over time, you may start abusing drugs and alcohol to cope with your stressful life - a problem that you can be resolved through drug treatment for women.

If you are addicted to intoxicating substances, you might fear that your children will be removed from your life if you seek treatment. As you continue struggling to hold your family together and deal with your addiction, you may soon feel that you are in a no-win situation and that it is difficult for you to come out of unless you get external help.

In all of these situations, the ideal solution would be to look for a rehabilitation program that focuses on women. The drug treatment for women can help you make all the arrangements needed to ensure that you can still continue taking care of your responsibilities even as you undergo detox, rehabilitation, therapy, and other forms of treatment for addiction.

Overall, drug treatment for women is effective in most situations and cases. It provides life skills training, emotional support, therapy and counseling sessions, and more. At the end of the program, you should be able to overcome your addiction and beat your substance use disorder.

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