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Long Term Drug Treatment Programs

Long Term Drug Treatment Programs

Addiction is a dilapidating and chronic condition that you cannot overcome simply by discontinuing your use of alcohol or drugs. The only way to beat it is through focused professional treatment and care based on evidence, such as through long term drug treatment programs.

Most of these programs take place for anywhere between 90 and 180 days - or even longer - to help you deal with your chronic addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. They also provide structured and intensive treatments. At the end of the stay, you may be able to finally sustain your abstinence and start reclaiming your normal life free of intoxicating substances.

Understanding Long Term Drug Treatment Programs

NIDA (the National Institute on Drug Abuse) defines long term drug treatment programs as any residential program that provides round the clock care for a long time period. Most of these programs, therefore, can last for about 3 months to a year - or even longer - depending on how fast you recover.

In one way or the other, these programs also act as a halfway house for patients. As such, they allow the vulnerable patients a period of recovery and respite between living alone (without any supervision) and intensive therapies tightly controlled by addiction experts, medics, counselors, nurses, and doctors.

The best form of long term residential treatment is provided through a therapeutic community. Through this community, you will learn how to manage your disorder while interacting with others who are also dealing with their own issues.

That said, long term drug treatment programs may also require you to share a house with other patients while others have apartments in a single shared space. Yet others are provided through a residential treatment center that might also cater to short term patients.

Overall, these programs tend to vary widely from one to another. Whereas some might provide you with 8 hours of counseling every week and focus 7 hours a day on structured activities, others come with more or fewer activities.

Yet others might require you to abide by the strict and structured code of rules failure to which you may be asked to leave the community while some tend to be more lenient and could allow you to continue working and spending some nights with your family and friends.

Who Needs Long Term Drug Treatment Programs?

Although long term drug treatment programs works well for some patients, others might not necessarily benefit from the format of rehabilitation. These include recovering addicts who feel uncomfortable, wish to return home, feel the need to focus more on work, or simply run out of financials to pay for treatment.

Some of the patients who might benefit from these mode of treatment include:

  • Individuals who were forced by the law into one of these programs, failure to which they would be jailed or imprisoned
  • Those who are motivated to recover and complete the programs offered
  • Those who want to have the greatest chances of a successful long term recovery

That said, long term drug treatment programs work by trying to decrease the likelihood of a relapse. They may also help you start functioning well. Although short term treatment might work for some, others need to be involved longer with residential rehabilitation. These include patients with weak recovery skills as well as those who need extra help and support before they can fully handle the problems that their addiction and (any) co-occurring conditions have brought on.

That said, you might benefit from long term drug treatment programs if:

  • You are from a stressful neighborhood or home where you might be tempted to start using drugs or drinking alcohol again
  • You do not know how to structure your days without using drugs/abusing alcohol
  • You have a mental illness over and above your substance use disorder
  • You have relapsed after you completed your last treatment
  • You have a been abusing substances for a significant duration of time.

How Long Term Drug Treatment Programs Work

Since addiction to drugs/alcohol is a condition that will significantly affect your mental and physical health, using a single approach for treatment and rehabilitation might not always work.

At times, therefore, it might be necessary for you to seek full care from long term drug treatment programs. This could bolster your chances of successful recovery and sobriety over the long haul.

To manage your addiction, keep relapse from occurring, and deal with any mental health problems you have, you need to:

  • Develop methods to manage your condition
  • Identify all life issues that could cause you to relapse or have mental health problems, and work through them
  • Identify the impact the condition has had on your life
  • Know the steps you should take in case your symptoms reemerge
  • Understand the addiction process as a solvable concept

Even so, there are many other steps that are included in the above. Since you might take longer to learn all the lessons than another addict, it is essential that you attend long term drug treatment. Through such a program, you will get the support you need to eventually learn these lessons and continue applying them in your day to day life.

Additionally, long term drug treatment programs will provide you with intensive support over the long haul. This means that you have a higher probability of laying the foundations for healing and sobriety once you leave the facility.

Through such a program, therefore, you will gain access to communities of experts - including therapists and doctors as well as other people with related or similar conditions. Additionally, you may be prescribed medications to deal with your addiction, such as Naloxone for managing withdrawal.

By allowing yourself to stay in the rehabilitation program longer, you may ensure that the treatment works. This way, when the time comes for you to leave the facility, you will have a higher likelihood of overcoming any temptations and triggers, keeping yourself from relapsing, and eventually living a life free of intoxicating substances.

There are many different long term drug treatment programs out there. As such, you might have a difficult time finding one that will best meet your needs and requirements. Some of these facilities also specialize in different areas while others cater to patients from specific gender, identity, sexual orientation, and age groups.

Overall, however, the main thing to keep in mind is that most long term drug treatment programs tend to have relatively high rates of success. This is because they provide highly effective detox and rehabilitation and you will be required to spend a longer period undergoing treatment.

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