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Short Term Alcohol And Drug Rehabilitation Centers

Every day, millions of individuals abuse drugs for various reasons. Whether you do this as a result of stress, emotional pain, physical pain, or simply for the pleasurable effects that you derive from these substances, it is quite possible that you may eventually need substance abuse treatment from a short term drug rehab program.

Understanding Short Term Drug Treatment Programs

Many short term drug and alcohol rehab facilities - which are also referred to as short term residential facilities - provide addiction rehabilitation for a short time period. As such, they can help you deal with your alcohol or drug use with a number of intensive therapies and recovery services within a short amount of time - commonly fourteen to twenty-eight days.

As you undergo rehab at one of these facilities, you will typically be required to live on site in the program. The rehabilitation may include detoxification to alleviate your withdrawal symptoms, which is often overseen by doctors and other medical substance abuse treatment professionals. Detox can also require the use of medications.

The main difference with short term alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs is that you won't have to commit to an extensive period of time. This means that they are meant for anyone who doesn't intend on enrolling in long term inpatient treatment, as well as for those without the health care coverage, money, or time to afford a longer stay at the program.

Many of these centers, however, come with many of the main components you would find in any other substance abuse rehab center. Meaning, they might focus on relapse prevention, group therapy, psychotherapy, and others.

Since therapy at short term drug rehab centers tends to be intensive in nature, you will get the opportunity to address many of the root causes of your drug and alcohol use disorder(s). Concurrently, you will learn new strategies and tools to enable you to gain the skills you need to deal with your life in recovery and keep away from intoxicating drugs and alcohol.

Although, short term drug rehab programs tend to be more effective when you combine your stay at one of these programs with other treatment programs. For instance, you can complete short term rehab and then afterward go to a sober living house and/or intensive outpatient rehabilitation program.

Benefits Of Short Term Alcohol And Drug Treatment Centers

Since there isn't an universal route to full substance abuse recovery, you might find that there are many options available to help you conquer your drug and alcohol use disorder. More particularly, short term drug and alcohol treatment facilities provide the following benefits:

  • The short stay means that you have more time to continue taking care of your responsibilities at your job, home, or school
  • Therapy tends to be intense and highly customized to fit your specific needs, requirements, and preferences
  • Rehabilitation is usually more affordable, especially in comparison to staying at the treatment center for the long term
  • You may be able to face the root causes of your addiction
  • You will be taken out of from the environments and conditions that contain triggers for substance abuse.
  • You will get the opportunity to stay in a center where the focus is solely on your full recovery

Aside from the above, one other benefit you may get when you enroll into one of these programs is that you will be connected to other people recovering from substance abuse. Apart from the support of your family member and friends - which is important for full recovery - you might also get to become a part of a community. In turn, this will provide you with the understanding and assistance you need. The community could be made of former patients you became acquainted with at the short term rehab facility or those you encounter upon taking part in a 12 step recovery group.

Who Needs Short Term Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers?

Although no drug and alcohol use treatment program works universally, some individuals would benefit more from checking into short term alcohol and drug treatment programs. The centers offered are often ideal for anyone whose drug and alcohol use issue or substance abuse has not progressed to the level of extreme severity as well as those who have not developed an addiction to drugs and alcohol that could potentially be dangerous as you undergo treatment for them - including benzodiazepines and alcohol.

As such, short term drug and alcohol rehab facilities work well if your substance abuse is relatively mild or new. On the other hand, if you cannot commit to long term treatment, then these centers could help you out. A few reasons why you may want to consider such a program include:

  • If you are not able to commit to extended leaves of absence from work (or any other responsibility)
  • If you have family obligations you cannot get away from for too long

However, before the substance abuse professionals can determine whether short term drug and alcohol rehabilitation is the right selection for you, they will assess and evaluate your issue. These specialists include therapy and medical healthcare professionals.

Some of the questions you may want to ask before considering short term drug rehab centers include:

  • Are the treatment staff trained, experienced, and certified to treat various drug and alcohol use issues? Which disorders do they specialize in?
  • Can I rely on the program to provide aftercare centers for ongoing assistance after rehabilitation?
  • Can the center confirm that it is accredited and provides qualified and licensed mental health and medical experts with its facilities?
  • Can the treatment options offered be specifically tailored to meet my needs?
  • Does it offer rehab facilities for specific groups such as men, LGBTQ+, teens, women, military veterans, the elderly, and so on?
  • Does the center encourage family member and friends to participate in the recovery process?
  • Which therapy options will be offered during my short term treatment?

Even though substance abuse and drug and alcohol use issues are now classified as chronic neurological conditions, they can be addressed. If you are chemically dependent, therefore, you may be able to achieve your sobriety and reclaim your health by checking into short term drug treatment centers.

The advantage with these programs is that they provide short term rehabilitation. Meaning, you should be able to continue living your life, meeting your responsibilities, and keeping up with your social and professional life after you receive rehab - all the while trying to fight your substance abuse and avoiding relapse.

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