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Drug Treatment Programs For HIV and AIDS Clients in North Dakota

Alcohol And Drug Treatment Programs For HIV And AIDS Patients

A great deal of individuals who abuse alcohol and drug put themselves at risk of contracting HIV and AIDS. Although, alcohol and drug rehab centers for HIV and AIDS patients are a recent idea in the rehabilitation sector.

Today, alcohol and drug users often end up getting infected with HIV after needle sharing as they attempt to inject their drugs of choice. Others, although, can get infected when they have high risk sexual intercourse while under the influence of drugs.

If you require drug treatment centers for HIV and AIDS patients, it is crucial that you look for the right rehabilitation center. Although all active addicted individuals face certain risk of sudden death as a result of continued drug and alcohol use as well as the using lifestyle, those who have HIV and AIDS face an especially dangerous threat.

Among these individuals, enjoying a long and healthier life is typically pegged on a complex and highly sophisticated approach to rehabilitation. Meaning, all activities related to drug abuse might counter the efforts of such a program.

Understanding Drug And Alcohol Use Disorders And The Risk For HIV And AIDS

Using intoxicating drugs and alcohol can directly and indirectly heighten your risk of becoming infected. According to recent statistics, 10% - if not more - of all new HIV cases reported each year are now attributed to the intravenous use of drugs.

On the other hand, when you use addictive drugs and alcohol, you might experience a difference in your behavior that could potentially expose you to the HIV virus. This is because drugs and alcohol tend to impair judgment and eliminate inhibitions. As a direct result, you can engage in dangerous behavior such as having unprotected sex or engaging in sex with a great deal of different partners.

How Alcohol And Drug Treatment Programs For HIV And AIDS Clients Work

Since drug and alcohol use is now commonly linked to an heightened risk of contracting HIV as well as reduced effectiveness of many HIV and AIDS treatment, it is crucial that you select the right rehab program for your particular condition.

Whereas abusing drugs can cause you to contract HIV, using other illegal substances like cocaine and methamphetamine - can have adverse consequences on the progression of the illness. The complications that arise for alcohol and drug users with HIV and AIDS vary from lapses in medications to pulmonary infections among smokers.

Luckily, there are several effective drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers for HIV and AIDS patients. Most of these programs are designed in such a way that they will be administered alongside antiretroviral therapy to address HIV/AIDS. In doing so, they turn this issue into a preventable illness especially given the multiple rehab options that are now available for patients.

That said, if you continue abusing harmful drugs and alcohol, you may exacerbate the damage that HIV/AIDS is causing and even experience severe organ damage. In other cases, the damage you experience can also increase your risk of contracting additional infections and cancers, particularly those that are dangerous for patients with this issue.

Although you might have to undergo a stressful and particularly uncomfortable process to overcome and terminate your substance abuse, this is the best approach when you are also suffering from another disease like HIV/AIDS.

This is why you should seek immediate rehab through alcohol and drug rehab programs for HIV and AIDS clients immediately. This could ideally reduce all the risks associated with the occurrence of HIV/AIDS and substance abuse or substance use disorders at the same time.

During rehabilitation, various prescription drugs can be used to help you reduce your cravings and help the process. Even so, you can still experience withdrawal which can cause intense cravings, body pain, vomiting, nausea, sweating, and fever - among other symptoms.

When this occurs, you can have to see about medically supervised detoxification to manage with these symptoms. Enrolling in a facility will also make sure that physicians and doctors - as well as other substance abuse treatment professionals can oversee your treatments and manage your withdrawal.

Having said that, both HIV/AIDS and substance use issues are difficult and complex to deal with. When these issues occur in tandem, your risk of contracting worrisome infections will rise - which could hinder your rehab process.

Luckily, there are alcohol and drug treatment centers for HIV and AIDS patients that offer intensive rehab for both conditions and which could assist in their proper management. After you start recovering, you will notice a significant improvement in your quality of life.

Importance Of Drug Rehabilitation For HIV And AIDS Patients

If you use alcohol and/or drugs, your risk of sudden death will become heightened as a result of the effects of your using lifestyle. Although, this risk is particularly heightened and accompanied by the risk of additional dangerous complications arising if you have HIV/AIDS and you continue using intoxicating drugs and alcohol. The only choice that could get you out of this cyclic problem is drug treatment.

In particular, addicts with HIV/AIDS tend to have a compromised immune system. This means that even conditions as simple as common colds and flus can turn into fatal events.

Furthermore, when drug abuse is combined with a weak immune system, the client is at risk of contracting other deadly illnesses and infections, such as Tuberculosis, Hepatitis C, and pneumonia. Additionally, substance abuse might worsen the AIDS-related dementia and brain damage you are already experiencing.

Last but not least, if you have HIV/AIDS you're required to adhere to strict administration guidelines of prescription drugs to help you battle the overall effects of your ailment as well as prolong your life. Hence, if you start using drugs your life may become too chaotic, unpredictable, and disorganized. When this occurs, you won't be able to maintain the medication regimen meant to make you well.

In addition, since HIV/AIDS clients who also abuse alcohol and drugs tend to experience high rates of anxiety, depression, and additional mental health disorders, your treatments and drug rehab will address the dual diagnosis to make sure that every issue you are struggling with is effectively addressed.

Overall, just because you were diagnosed with HIV and/or AIDS does not exactly mean that this is a life sentence. Although, if you continue consuming alcohol and abusing addictive drugs, it can prove to be.

The best solution for you is to check out alcohol and drug treatment facilities for HIV and AIDS clients. The programs, rehabilitation, therapies, and prescription drugs offered at these facilities will help you start living a healthier, sober lifestyle, conquer your addiction, find full recovery, and only have to focus on continued care and maintenance for HIV/AIDS. In the end, you may even escape most of the problems that HIV and AIDS clients who abuse substances tend to experience, such as death and the development of other medical complications.

Centers in North Dakota

United Tribes Technical College
3315 University Drive
Bismarck, North Dakota 58504
Native American Resource Center
331 4th Avenue East
Trenton, North Dakota 58853
North Dakota State Hospital
2605 Circle Drive
Jamestown, North Dakota 58401
Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch
6301 19th Avenue NW
Minot, North Dakota 58703
First Step Recovery
3201 Fiechtner Drive
Fargo, North Dakota 58103

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