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Drug Treatment and Alcohol Rehab Centers in Jackson, Ohio

The Role A Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Plays in Jackson, Ohio

What can you expect to receive from a Jackson, Ohio substance abuse treatment center? For many addicts struggling with substance use issues, such a treatment center provides the opportunity to find full sobriety both in the short term and in the long term.

Understanding Drug and Alcohol Rehabs

A drug and alcohol rehab is a treatment center in Jackson, Ohio that has plans designed to help you overcome your addiction to drugs and prepare you for a lifestyle of sobriety.

By offering its assistance, a substance abuse treatment center would typically help you change your behavior - especially anything that is connected to your substance use. So, they can help you reform all facets of your being - particularly aspects that may have been affected in a negative way by your addiction. These include relationships and work or school. Concurrently, you will learn how to regain aspects of your normal life - but in a secure, healthy and safe way.

At this time, there are several kinds of Jackson, Ohio rehab centers. Whereas some are specifically designed for helping patients with specific addictions, others have a wider approach to dependency rehabilitation and offer more services.

Some of these Jackson, Ohio rehabs are also age or gender specific - a type of programming that has been found to be effective in some situations.

Last but not least, alcohol and drug programs are typically either inpatient or outpatient. Outpatient Jackson, Ohio rehabilitation programs allow their clients to go home - or to a sober living facility - in the evenings. In essence, these facilities are ideal for individuals who still need to keep up with their responsibilities at school, home or work while receiving addiction rehab.

Inpatient treatment centers, on the other hand, are outlined to provide you with a place to stay - including lodging and meals.

Voluntary Stays

Many people think that substance abuse rehab programs force their clients to remain in the program until they recover fully. This is far from the truth. As a patient, you can leave at any time if you so choose.

This policy is designed to make sure that you are looking for rehab because you want to and not because someone is making you you. unless you have the passion to get sober, most people would not realize full sobriety no matter the duration of their stay at a rehabilitation facility.

Cost of Rehabilitation

As we mentioned earlier, there are different kinds of Jackson, Ohio alcohol and drug rehab programs - each with its own specific types of care, facilities and services. Many offer basic services and surroundings while others have deluxe settings similar to what you would get at a 5-star hotel or resort.

As you can imagine, rehabilitation programs come in all cost ranges. The selection you make, therefore, may be largely determined by the cost of treatment and the budget you are working with - and how much your insurance will cover.

However, although luxury facilities in Jackson, Ohio may have more amenities and services than a less luxurious facility, that does not mean its the right choice for you. As such, you should think about other aspects while deciding on the Jackson, Ohio alcohol and drug rehabilitation program you are going to enroll in - such as their policies, the modes of treatment they use, your type of dependency, and any other issues that you need to resolve.


One of the primary roles of an addiction treatment program would be to make sure that you rid the body of all the drug/alcohol toxins that have accumulated due to your substance abuse before starting on the full course of recovery.

Treatment, to this end, will involve a detox plan. This type of rehabilitation is designed to help your body get rid of the addictive drugs and alcohol that you used to abuse before getting help.

Jackson, OH has a total of 3 drug rehab centers. Some of the types of treatment centers you can find in Jackson are:

Drug Rehabs Specializing in Helping Women

Women are the fastest-growing population of U.S. alcohol and drug users, with 15.8 million women aged 18 or older having used illicit drugs in the past year (2018-2019). As such, many rehab centers in Jackson are creating science and evidence-based rehab units for women to meet the physical, psychosocial and mental health needs of women from every walk of life.

These women's rehab centers create personalized plans that treat the whole person, recognizing the life experiences that brought them here.Studies of substance abuse among women have identified characteristics surrounding addiction that have higher correlations among women than men.

Characteristics such as self-image, physical abuse, and co-dependency play an important role in recovery programs for women. Women struggle with trauma and social issues in a way that men do not and these rehab centers understand this.

There is 1 drug rehab center that offers this service.

Drug Rehabs Specializing in Helping Men

Men who have completed the inpatient program in men-specific rehab programs in Jackson may want to step down to the less-intensive outpatient program if they need less intensive addiction treatment, but are not ready to be finished with treatment.

Aftercare at many men-specific rehab programs consists of a network of recovery homes which can help men transition after treatment back into society. In addition, men can receive vocational training and help with finding a job.

They also provide treatment for women, but each program is divided by gender so you should not worry about gender-mixing in rehab. Men have access to recreation like hiking, swimming, surfing, softball, and barbecues when treatment permits.

There is 1 drug rehab center that offers this service.

Outpatient Treatment

One of the primary advantages with outpatient treatment is that they offer set schedules. This means that you will be expected to check into the recovery center at specific times during the week.

However, you can also find centers in Jackson, OH that use a system that is based on appointments. As a result, you will only have to check into the facility when and as required. This way, you will be able to accommodate your other obligations at work, school, and home.

This freedom and flexibility is one of the main reasons why so many people prefer to go for outpatient treatment instead of enrolling in an inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation program.

There are 3 drug rehab centers that offer this service.

Local Listings In Jackson, Ohio

Health Recovery Services Inc

Health Recovery Services Inc is an alcohol rehab and drug rehabilitation facility that is located at 120 Twin Oaks Drive Jackson, OH 45640 You can contact Health Recovery Services Inc by calling 740-577-3450.

Types of Services
Methadone Maintenance, Outpatient Treatment, Dual Diagnosis, Pregnant Women, Addiction Treatment for Women, Drug and Alcohol Treatment for Men, Court Appointed Clients, Hearing Impaired Clients
Payment Structure & Forms
Medicaid, Medicare, Private Pay, Self Pay, Help with Payments

Queen Treatment Centers Inc

Queen Treatment Centers Inc is a drug rehab and alcohol rehabilitation center that is located at 10 Lady Avenue Jackson, OH 45640 You can contact Queen Treatment Centers Inc by calling 740-577-3334.

Types of Services
Outpatient Treatment
Payment Structure & Forms
Medicaid, Self Pay

Woodland Centers Inc

Woodland Centers Inc is an alcohol rehabilitation and drug treatment program that is located at 500 Burlington Road Jackson, OH 45640 You can contact Woodland Centers Inc by calling 740-286-5075.

Types of Services
Mental Health Treatment, Outpatient Treatment, Dual Diagnosis, Seniors Drug and Alcohol Treatment, Court Appointed Clients, Hearing Impaired Clients
Payment Structure & Forms
Medicaid, Medicare, Private Pay, Military Insurance, Self Pay

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