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Drug Treatment and Alcohol Rehab Centers in Moberly, Missouri

The Role A Drug and Alcohol Rehab Plays in Moberly, Missouri

What can you expect to get from a Moberly, MO substance abuse treatment center? For most addicts struggling with alcohol and drug abuse disorders, such a rehabilitation center provides the chance to gain full sobriety both in the short term and in the long term.

Understanding Drug and Alcohol Rehabs

A drug rehab is a center in Moberly, Missouri that has programs that outline how to help you overcome your dependence on drugs and prepare you for a lifestyle of sobriety.

By providing its assistance, a drug and alcohol treatment facility would customarily assist you in changing your behavior - especially anything that is linked to your alcohol and drug abuse. So, they can assist you reform all facets of your being - particularly aspects that may have been affected in a negative way by your addiction. These include work, school or relationships. Concurrently, you will learn how to regain aspects of your normal life - but in a safe, healthy, and secure way.

At this time, there are several types of Moberly, MO alcohol and drug rehab facilities. Whereas some are specialized in helping addicts with certain dependencies, others have a broader approach to addiction treatment and offer more services.

Some of these Moberly, Missouri treatment centers are also age or gender specific - a type of programming that has been found to be successful in many situations.

Lastly, drug rehabilitation facilities are usually either inpatient or outpatient. Outpatient Moberly, MO treatment programs allow their clients to go back home - or to a sober living facility - in the evenings. So, these programs are ideal for individuals who still need to keep up with their commitments at school, home or work while receiving addiction rehabilitation.

Inpatient rehab facilities are outlined to provide you with a place to stay.

Voluntary Stays

Some people think that drug and alcohol rehabs force their patients to remain in the program until they fully recover. This could not be further from the truth. As a client, you can leave at any time if you so choose.

This policy is designed to ensure that you are seeking rehabilitation for your own reasons and not because someone else - such as the center - is forcing you. Without this passion to get sober, most individuals would never find full recovery regardless of the duration of their stay at a treatment program.

Cost of Rehab

As we mentioned earlier, there are different kinds of Moberly, Missouri drug and alcohol facilities - each with its own unique types of care, facilities and services. Many provide basic services and surroundings while other rehabs have a luxury setting somewhat like what you would get at a resort.

As you can imagine, rehab facilities all cost something different. The choice you make, therefore, may be dependent upon the price of rehab and the budget you are working with - and how much insurance you have.

However, although luxury rehabs in Moberly, MO certainly have more amenities than a less luxurious program, this does not mean it would be the best choice for you. To this end, you should think about other factors when deciding on the Moberly, Missouri alcohol and drug rehabilitation program you are going to enroll in - such as their policies, the modes of treatment they use, your type of addiction, and any other issues that you need to resolve.


One of the main roles of an addiction treatment facility would be to make sure that you have gotten rid of all toxins and traces of the substances you were abusing before starting on the full course of rehabilitation.

Rehab, to this end, will involve a detoxification program. This kind of rehab is made to help your body get rid of the addictive alcohol and drugs that you used to use before getting help.

Local Listings In Moberly, Missouri

Preferred Family Healthcare Inc

Preferred Family Healthcare Inc is an alcohol treatment and drug treatment facility that is located at 1715 South Morley Street Suite A Moberly, MO 65270 You can contact Preferred Family Healthcare Inc by calling 660-263-1113.

Types of Services
Outpatient Treatment, Hearing Impaired Clients
Payment Structure & Forms
Medicaid, Private Pay, Military Insurance, Self Pay, Sliding Scale Fee, Help with Payments

Escape Alcohol and Drug LLC

Escape Alcohol and Drug LLC is a drug rehabilitation and alcohol rehab center that is located at 501 North Ault Street Moberly, MO 65270 You can contact Escape Alcohol and Drug LLC by calling 660-263-7552.

Types of Services
Outpatient Treatment, Services for Minors, Dual Diagnosis, Gay and Lesbian, Seniors, Women, Men, DUI Offenders, Court Appointed Clients
Payment Structure & Forms
Private Pay, Self Pay

Turning Point Recovery Center

Turning Point Recovery Center is an alcohol treatment and drug treatment center that is located at 100 East Rollins Street Suite A Moberly, MO 65270 You can contact Turning Point Recovery Center by calling 660-269-8852.

Types of Services
Outpatient Treatment, Hearing Impaired Clients
Payment Structure & Forms
Medicaid, Private Pay, Military Insurance, Self Pay, Sliding Scale Fee

Moberly Regional Medical Center

Moberly Regional Medical Center is a drug rehab and alcoholism treatment facility that is located at 1515 Union Avenue Moberly, MO 65270 You can contact Moberly Regional Medical Center by calling 660-269-3028.

Types of Services
Mental Health Treatment, Hospital Inpatient Treatment, Dual Diagnosis, Seniors
Payment Structure & Forms
Medicaid, Medicare, Private Pay, Military Insurance, Self Pay

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