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How To Choose A Newberry, South Carolina Addiction Treatment

Are you trying to get treatment for an ongoing drug and alcohol abuse issue and/or a dual diagnosis mental health disorder? Then you may want to check into a Newberry, South Carolina drug treatment center that is likely to satisfy your requirements for treatment and recovery.

Although addiction is thought to be a condition that you may not have been able to control, ongoing recovery will be a personal choice that you need to make.

1. Programs

The initial thing you might want to find out about are the features that the drug and alcohol rehabilitation program offers. Drug and alcohol dependency are conditions that progress through a series of rather foreseeable phases.

As such, you may need a wide range of treatment services to help you conquer this condition and find full recovery. To this end, you should make sure that the drug and alcohol treatment program in Newberry, South Carolina you are interested in has trained health professionals like doctors, psychiatrists, nurses, and therapists among others on staff. These professionals should also be highly experienced and licensed to offer their specialized treatment services.

In some cases, you may also find that you need to have distinctive treatment programs to meet your unique needs. Today, addiction treatment centers in Newberry, South Carolina might offer options like partial hospitalization, day treatment, inpatient, residential, outpatient, and short term.

2. Treatment Cost

The cost of attending alcohol and drug treatment in Newberry, South Carolina can be excessive for some people. But, you can still find a rehab that is perfect for you in terms of affordability.

That said, the cost of ongoing rehab all depends on the kind of center that you pick. So, you may want to keep in mind what things the cost pays for and which services that will be covered by your insurance.

The best way to learn how much drug treatment will cost for you would be to talk to intake advisors at the rehab. You can discuss your insurance coverage and they will help you narrow down your choices that satisfy your requirements in the most cost-effective way possible.

You should also keep in mind that even though attending drug and alcohol treatment in Newberry, South Carolina seems expensive, the cost of alcoholism and drug addiction - when left untreated or managed - will exceed what you would have anticipated.

3. Medical Services

Lastly, you might want to check that a drug and alcohol treatment center has a medical base before you select it. This is because many people can require round the clock medical and hospital healthcare services - especially in the initial stages of their rehab when they are going through detox.

DUI Offenders

DUI - driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs - is one of the most commonly committed crimes in the United States. In 2014, for instance, over 1 million drivers were arrested on these charges.

The goal of addiction treatment for DUI offenders is to ensure that people convicted on a driving under the influence charge receive the help they need to overcome their addiction to alcohol and drugs.

Through such treatment, such patients can check into a rehab program in lieu of going to prison or dealing with other penalties put in place by the criminal justice system - at least until they complete their addiction treatment in Newberry, SC for DUI offenders program.

There is 1 drug rehab center that offers this service.

Outpatient Treatment

Although inpatient drug rehab is the most common form of addiction treatment in the United States, there are in certain instances in which outpatient treatment might be the preferred form of recovery.

For instance, if you have a mild or short lasting substance use disorder, you might be able to recover through an outpatient drug rehab program in Newberry. This is also the case if you have not been diagnosed with any other co-occurring mental health and medical disorders over and above your mild addiction.

You should undergo thorough assessment and evaluation at the start of your addiction treatment to ensure that you have chosen the right form of recovery - between inpatient and outpatient treatment.

There are 2 drug rehab centers that offer this service.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers

Dual diagnosis treatment centers, as the name suggests, offer recovery services to people who have received a dual diagnosis. If you are among these people, it means that you would have been diagnosed with a substance use disorder as well as a co-occurring mental health or medical disorder over and above your addiction.

This diagnosis requires a multifaceted approach to recovery that deals with all the issues that you are struggling with simultaneously to ensure that one does not affect the progress of the other.

To this end, if you have a dual diagnosis, it is recommended that you seek help from dual diagnosis treatment centers in Newberry to ensure that you are able to overcome all the conditions that you have.

There is 1 drug rehab center that offers this service.

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Westview Behavioral Health Services
Westview Behavioral Health Services is a drug treatment and alcohol rehabilitation center that is located at 800 Main Street Newberry, SC 29108 You can contact Westview Behavioral Health Services by calling 803-276-5690.

Types of Services

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment, Outpatient Treatment, Services for Minors, Dual Diagnosis, DUI Offenders, Court Appointed Clients

Payment Structure & Forms

Medicaid, Medicare, Private Pay, Military Insurance, Self Pay
Beckman Center for Mental Health
Beckman Center for Mental Health is a drug rehab and alcohol rehab facility that is located at 2043 Medical Park Drive Newberry, SC 29108 You can contact Beckman Center for Mental Health by calling 803-276-8000.

Types of Services

Mental Health Treatment, Outpatient Treatment, Hearing Impaired Clients

Payment Structure & Forms

Medicaid, Medicare, Private Pay, Military Insurance, Self Pay

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