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Faith Based Drug Rehab Centers

Accepting that you have a serious problem with drugs and alcohol, and going on to try and fight your addiction can be an arduous journey. Although you might have a hard time learning how to overcome your substance abuse and repair your broken relationships with friends, family, colleagues, and employers might prove stressful, faith based drug rehab centers can help you ease the process.

If you have been struggling with addiction and you consider yourself religious, it is highly likely that you may have other obstacles in your journey to full recovery and sobriety. For instance, you might find yourself wrestling with what it means for your spirituality and faith to abuse alcohol and drugs - and be unable to stop engaging in these harmful habits.

Today, these are problems that affect many people in the United States. For instance, the Pew Research Center reports that 76.5% of all Americans identify with particular religions. Among these, millions struggle with alcohol and drug addiction on an annual basis.

This is not surprising, especially when you consider the fact that addiction affects just about anyone - regardless of their faith, creed, background, socio-economic standing, or place in society.

At faith based drug rehab centers, you will learn that addiction is not an ethical or moral failure. The centers will also encourage you with the knowledge that you should be able to control the steps you need to take to overcome your substance abuse and addiction.

Understanding Faith Based Drug Rehab Centers

But what exactly are faith based drug rehab centers? What do they have to offer? How can you benefit from attending one? How different are they from other traditional treatment facilities?

These are all questions that you need to answer. Essentially, faith based rehab centers are addiction treatment facilities that focus on helping religious people connect with a higher being while attempting to overcome their alcohol and drug abuse. As such, these programs are highly specialized in allowing recovering addicts to connect with their religious belief and continue growing while undergoing treatment.

At one of these faith based drug rehab centers, therefore, you will receive all the help and care you need to address your spiritual and medical needs. In particular, treatment is primarily focused on the religious - although other traditional and mainstream rehabilitation techniques are applied.

To this end, the center might use standard methods, including behavioral therapy and medically managed detox to help you control your withdrawal symptoms and intense drug cravings.

This means that most of these facilities also use psychological and medical treatments like:

  • Drug detox
  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Life skills training
  • Supervised medication to manage withdrawal symptoms
  • Training to cope emotionally

Apart from the above, the centers might also have certified and licensed spiritual advisors on staff. You can count on these experts for guidance and counseling as you undergo rehabilitation for your addiction. In particular, you will get the opportunity to attend group and individual therapy sessions with these religious experts so that they can help you reconnect with your faith and find peace in a troubled and tumultuous world filled with drugs and alcohol.

Faith based drug rehab centers are also similar to other recovery support groups like AA (or Alcoholics Anonymous) and NA (or Narcotics Anonymous). This is in the sense that they will strive to bring all their patients together to form a tight-knit, supportive community.

At one of these centers, therefore, you will get to attend group meetings and engage in private conversations with other recovering addicts and the addiction treatment professionals working at the facility. All these interactions will potentially allow you to receive emotional support - as well as provide it in return - thereby helping you achieve and maintain sobriety and abstinence from drugs of abuse.

You might also be able to participate in religious discussions and reflect on your faith with other like-minded peers. This way, you may empower yourself against all feelings of shame and degradation - which could potentially cause you to relapse if you do not check them.

Last but not least, faith based drug rehab centers will allow you to include worship and prayer as part of your recovery plan. In particular, there may be spaces for prayer and meditation at the facility, which could also host religious services for those who are interested in attending. Scripture discussions and readings are also quite commonplace.

Why Choose Faith-Based Rehabilitation?

Baylor University conducted a study that discovered that religious and spiritual practices could potentially help people reduce harmful acts and behaviors like alcohol and drug abuse. To this end, faith based drug rehab centers work on improving the spiritual side of their patients so that they can find the strength and grounding in faith to overcome their addiction.

Some of these centers also provide mental health counseling and supervised detoxification, which makes them useful in battling substance abuse and addiction. Additionally, they offer spiritual, emotional, and physical care - which are all essential factors in helping addicts achieve long-term sobriety and recovery.

SAMHSA (abbreviation for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) has also recognized the importance and efficacy of providing support for these addiction rehabilitation options. As a direct result, the administration provides grants to over 800 faith based drug rehab centers because they focus on helping people use their faith and religious grounding to beat addiction.

But what advantages are there to attending faith based drug rehab centers? Consider the following:

1. Faith-Based Treatment and Rehabilitation

For starters, faith based drug rehab programs are useful for people who hold their faith important to them. In particular, these centers operate using the same values that you consider useful in your life.

As a direct result, attending such a program could potentially help you feel at ease, more supported, and with a more significant opportunity to heal and recover from your substance abuse and addiction.

These centers can also provide you with new opportunity to talk to qualified staff members about your spiritual and religious concerns, all the while ensuring that your physical and psychological needs are being met.

To this end, faith based drug rehab centers are effective - particularly in helping patients seek God's forgiveness and eventually forgive themselves for their actions while intoxicated.

2. Social Support

Another advantage that comes with attending a faith-based program is that almost everyone at the center will hold a spiritual belief that is similar to yours. This will create a community where you can fellowship with others going through similar trials and problems with drugs and alcohol.

The support provided by the spiritual community at the treatment center will potentially help you to strengthen and renew your faith. You might even get to learn that many people struggling with addiction also believe in God - much in the same way you do.

On your part, you will get the chance to inspire, support, and encourage others going through the addiction treatment program. In the meantime, you can continue engaging with other members of your group both during rehab and after you check out of the facility.

Last but not least, if you are a religious person, you might find that the support provided by faith based drug rehab centers will give meaning to your struggle with drugs and alcohol.

Eventually, you might even come to feel that you were chosen to help other people end their suffering and start leading meaningful and productive lives - in keeping with your religious beliefs. After recovery, many former addicts who attended faith based drug rehab centers believe that they experienced difficulties with addiction as part of God's overall plan to help them help others.

How Religious Treatment Programs Work

If you have a firm belief and faith in God, you might find it hard to beat your addiction and counter your problems with drugs and alcohol. In particular, your religion might cause you to feel that you are disappointing God - because you have been unable to beat your ongoing substance abuse.

Luckily, there are faith based drug rehab centers designed to help you overcome your drug use and strengthen your faith in and relationship with God (irrespective of your creed or religious leaning).

These religious rehabilitation facilities often approach drug and alcohol addiction from the spiritual perspective. As such, they hold the view that substance abuse and addiction are attempts to try and compensate for the spiritual emptiness you are feeling.

As a direct result, faith based drug rehab centers can teach you how to renew and strengthen your foundation in God and the spirit. In the process, you could potentially overcome your need to abuse drugs and alcohol.

As we mentioned earlier, faith based addiction treatment programs also provide the same tools and therapies that can help you regain as well as maintain your sobriety as a non-spiritual facility.

However, there will be a difference in the sense that faith based centers will teach you new spiritual principles. This way, you will be able to start viewing your relationship with God as one of the important aspects of overall healing and recovery - which is highly unlikely to happen at a secular facility.

But do you have to belong to a particular religion to attend faith based drug rehab centers? To answer this question, you should keep in mind that most of these programs are designed to heal and provide addiction treatment to people with specific religious beliefs.

For instance, a Christian rehabilitation center will approach addiction recovery from the Christian perspective. This means that they will strive to help their believing patients strengthen their relationship with Jesus Christ. In the process, the patients may be able to overcome their substance abuse and addiction.

There are other faith based drug rehab centers, meaning that it should be possible for you to find one that follows the teachings of the spiritual and religious beliefs that you hold dear.

However, some programs might also combine religious and secular practices in addiction treatment. As a participant in such a program, you will be required to receive rehabilitation services as well as attend therapy and counseling sessions. If you want, you can also get the opportunity to participate in the faith-based and religious aspects of the treatment program.

This means that if you still want a spiritual foundation in your drug rehab, but you are not entirely sure about your beliefs, then this type of program might prove useful for you. It will, for instance, provide you with an opportunity to explore your faith and spirituality even as you continue striving to recover from drug and alcohol addiction. In the process, it could potentially ensure that you develop a more profound and stronger spiritual connection while beating your addiction.

Choosing Faith Based Drug Rehab Centers

Regardless of the addiction treatment program you choose - whether it is based on faith or not - there are some factors that you should look for in a good rehab center. Therefore, apart from the religious grounding, you might also want to check that the facility also provides the following:

  • It comes highly recommended for its high rates of success
  • It has many amenities that you would benefit from, including recreational and sports facilities, art therapy, music therapy, nutritional programs, spa treatments, vocational training, massage, and aromatherapy
  • It is affordable
  • It is in alignment with your particular medical needs
  • It is secular but also offers some non-denominational spiritual support services, including prayer, meditation, spiritual counseling, yoga, 12-step programs, among others
  • It matches your faith and values
  • It offers ongoing support and can help you create an individualized aftercare plan
  • It provides a wide variety of treatment options, including a combination of detox, family or individual therapy and counseling, checkups with a physician, and support groups
  • It provides high quality care and support
  • It uses suitable approaches to spirituality
  • Its faith basis matches yours

Over and above everything else, faith based drug rehab centers have been found to be effective at treating substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health disorders. As long as you can find one that perfectly matches your needs and requirements, it is imperative that you check into it and start on addiction treatment before your continued drug and alcohol abuse creates additional problems in your life.

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