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Signs of Meth Use

If you suspect that someone you care about may be using Methamphetamine (Meth), there are many signs that you can begin to look for. One of the most prominent effects of meth is the extreme change in the physical appearance of individuals that abuse the drug. Because the use of meth causes the blood vessels to constrict, it can cut off the steady flow of blood to some of the major parts of the body. When an individual has a meth addiction, it can weaken and destroy these blood vessels, causing the body's tissues to become much more prone to damage.  Meth addiction can also have the effect of negatively affecting the body's ability to repair itself.  A meth user may experience skin acne and sores may begin to take much longer to heal. A meth user's skin may begin to lose its luster and elasticity. Some individuals that use the drug will have small sores that cover various parts of their body. These sores are the result of obsessive skin-picking brought on by the hallucinations caused by meth use. These hallucinations often cause the individual to feel like they have bugs crawling beneath the skin, which is a disorder known as formication.

Another common sign of meth use is the tremendous bursts of physical activity that is often experienced by an individual. In some cases of meth use, the individual will experience an extreme amount of weight being lost, often in a very short period of time. But while contemporary culture may idealize slim figures, people addicted to Meth will often look gaunt and frail, which is never an attractive combination. Another symptom of Meth use may be that an individual's physical health rapidly begins to decline due to their immune system being compromised as a result of their addiction to the toxic drug. A prominent sign of meth abuse is extreme tooth decay, a condition that has come to commonly be known as "meth mouth." Meth  addicts that exhibit" meth mouth" may have blackened, stained, or rotting teeth, which in many instances cannot  be saved, even among short-term meth users. Other common signs of meth use are aggressive types of behavior and staying awake for days at a time.

If someone you loved is suffering from an addiction to meth, the best way to help them to recover is to find a drug treatment center with a high rate of success in treating meth addiction. Doing so will help them to become free of the vice grip of meth addiction.

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