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Short-Term Drug Rehab Centers

Short-term drug rehab centers offer both residential and outpatient treatment programs for addiction, substance use disorders, and co-occurring mental health problems. They are best suited for people who have not been addicted for long, as well as for those who are looking for low cost treatment options. In most cases, these programs are more affordable than long term rehabilitation in the sense that they do not last quite as long.

However, even though short-term drug rehab centers can provide successful outcomes, most people will find that longer programs are more effective at dealing with their addiction. Either way, you can be sure that inpatient treatment is usually the best - particularly because it might be able to handle all aspects of treatment such as detox, withdrawal, and rehabilitation.

Understanding Short-Term Drug Rehab Centers

With the rising cases of people who are addicted to intoxicating and mind altering substances, it is clear that so many of them require help to overcome their dependency and addiction.

Luckily, there are many different effective rehabilitation programs all around the country that can help you overcome your problems with drugs and alcohol. As you look for the right short-term drug rehab centers to help you take the steps towards sobriety, recovery, and abstinence, therefore, it is important that you consider how long you will be able to stay at the facility.

So, are short term programs effective at treating substance abuse and addiction? Research shows that long term treatment is far more effective and delivers more successful outcomes. This is because your chemical dependence might not be an isolated problem. Rather, it could entail complex combinations of many different issues, such as underlying psychological problems, limited or non-existent coping skills, and deeply ingrained habits.

In a long term program, therefore, you will get more chances and opportunities to understand all these issues, address them, and learn the role they played in the development of your dependence and addiction.

That said, short-term drug rehab centers will typically require you to undergo treatment for about 4 weeks or 30 days. During this time, you will normally spend the time in a residential or inpatient facility to ensure that a great majority of the most urgent problems you have with alcohol and/or drugs are addressed and brought under control.

Benefits And Problems Of Short-Term Drug Rehab Centers

As with any other form of addiction and substance abuse treatment, there are several benefits and problems that come with short-term drug rehab centers. Before making an informed decision, therefore, you need to understand everything there is to know about these programs. Consider the following pros and cons:


a) Time

In most cases, you will find that staying at short-term drug rehab centers will take less time. Since the programs are designed for the short term, it means you can complete them much sooner than you would if you had opted for long term inpatient treatment.

However, the treatment you will receive will not be universal for every addict or substance abuser. In the same way, you should not try rushing through your treatment. Rather, your stay at drug rehab center will not be long.

b) Expense

In the same way, short-term drug rehab centers tend to be less expensive than longer stays in treatment. Since you will spend less time in the facility, it means that you might end up spending much less on your treatment and rehabilitation.

Most long term programs may cost you a few thousand dollars. Therefore, you can be sure that short-term drug rehab is usually most cost effective, which might work out perfectly for you especially if money and finances are barriers to your recovery.

c) Disruption

On the other hand, since you will spend less time undergoing drug and alcohol rehabilitation, it means that you will not be away too long from your job, friends, family, and personal life.

If, for instance, you are a single parent and can find someone to look after your family as you undergo treatment, then short-term drug rehab centers might work out perfectly for you. This is particularly so if it is impossible for you to leave home for more than a few weeks.


a) Pending Frustration

In most cases, you will find that short-term drug rehab centers are not as effective as long-term programs and they cannot guarantee that you will not relapse after your treatment. In fact, you might find yourself emotionally demoralized and financially drained when you think that you need to keep going back to receive treatment for your addiction.

That said, multiple stints in short term rehabilitation might prove to be more expensive, time consuming, and disruptive than if you had opted to check into a long term drug detox, rehabilitation, and treatment facility in the first place.

b) Time

On the other hand, you will have less time to focus on recovery, health, and wellness when you opt for short-term drug rehab. Some clients have been known to spend 2 to 3 weeks undergoing detox to manage the withdrawal symptoms that may arise when they quit drugs and/or alcohol.

During this withdrawal stage, you might be short tempered, grumpy, weary, and experience physical discomfort. In short, you won't necessary be in the best mood possible.

As such, you may find it close to impossible to focus on your treatment and recovery. This means that long term change may not be possible because of your lack of focus at this stage.

Therefore, if you take too long withdrawing from your substance of choice, it means that most of your treatment time will be expended on recovering from your past use. Most patients who have been dependent in the long term would, therefore, not benefit if they chose short-term drug rehab centers.

c) Relapse

Last but not least, you can be sure the statistics on drug and alcohol abuse and addiction never lie. Although everyone is different, you should note that the chances that you will be able to maintain your recovery and sobriety in the long term after attending short-term drug rehab centers are not good - particularly in comparison to the outcomes you can expect from longer treatment programs.

On the other hand, going for short-term drug rehab means that you may only consider it a temporary obligation. This means that there is some risk that you might not fully commit to your treatment.

Instead, you may find yourself counting down the days and hours until you can finally check out of the facility and go back home. This might compel you not to remain fully focused on therapy - meaning that you are bound to fail in your recovery at one point or the other.

Length Of Treatment At Short-Term Drug Rehab Centers

As we mentioned earlier, your stay in short-term drug rehab centers will typically last for about 30 days. This means that if you were dependent on intoxicating and mind altering substances for a long time you might not be able to enjoy all the benefits and treatments you need in such a short duration.

In most cases, the treatment could leave you susceptible to failed recovery and eventual relapse. As a result, it is important that you establish that this is the best type of recovery and rehabilitation program for you even before you start scouring through the different short-term drug rehab centers available to you. You might also want to decide whether a short term stay will provide you with the right kind of treatment you require.

In most cases, abusing alcohol and/or drugs in the long term might take a toll on you - both physically and mentally. Your body, for instance, might start craving more of the substances you were addicted to.

Failure to give in to these cravings may cause you to suffer various physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms. With alcohol and benzodiazepines, in particular, such withdrawal might prove to be fatal unless you undergo detox under the round the clock care, monitoring, and observation of a medical team of addiction experts.

In such situations, therefore, you can be sure that it is highly unlikely that you will recover from your substance use disorder and any co-occurring mental health issues when you check into short-term drug rehab centers.

Overall, it is vital that you are honest with yourself and you fully understand the situation you find yourself in. You should also be ready and willing to admit whether a long term program might be more beneficial.

How Short-Term Drug Rehab Centers Work

As you undergo treatment at short-term drug rehab centers, you will be directed to a variety of therapy types - including group, family, and individual therapy and counseling as well as medical monitoring and care.

Different programs provide access to a variety of treatments and therapies depending on what the facility believes in. In the same way, you may be taught different life and coping skills to ensure that you can cope and function more effectively once you leave the treatment center.

CBT (or cognitive behavioral therapy), in particular, might work effectively at most short-term drug rehab centers. This is why so many of these facilities include this form of therapy in their treatment programs.

NIDA (the National Institute on Drug Abuse) also reports that most short term treatment facilities use modified 12 step approaches in their rehabilitation. Through these peer based support programs, therefore, you might receive access to the hope, structure, inspiration, and accountability that could potentially be influential especially during the first part of your addiction and substance abuse recovery.

That said, most of these facilities are adapting to the growing national need for the management and treatment of addiction. As such, many short-term drug rehab centers provide effective and intensive care - albeit for short time periods.

Therefore, a short term program might offer you the comprehensive life altering care and rehabilitation you require - particularly if you are the right person and ideally suited to such treatment.

Costs Associated With Short-Term Drug Rehab Centers

In most cases, you may find that short-term drug rehab centers are the most affordable option in terms of intensive treatment for addiction and substance abuse. Therefore, getting into one of these facilities could potentially see you receive the short term treatment that may help you recover from your addiction.

Today, lack of adequate finances is one of the leading causes of people delaying treatment for addiction. However, it does make a world of difference between continued abuse and successful recovery because financial burdens hinders many active users and addictions from seeking the help they need.

Luckily, there are many short-term drug rehab centers that can provide you with the low cost option for high quality care. Although you need to do some research, you can be sure that finding the right low cost treatment facility is now easier especially because of the wealth of resources available from addiction specialists and professionals.

Still, even as you consider undergoing detox and rehabilitation, you should note that it is essential for you to think over and beyond the costs associated with treatment. Instead, you would do much better to focus on what truly matters - that the program you choose will provide you with the most effective and successful treatment available. This is particularly true given the fact that the costs associated with addiction and substance abuse far outweigh the cost of treatment.

To this end, you should ensure that you choose the right short-term drug rehab centers - especially those that are affordable. However, even as you do this you should note that spending a short duration in care and treatment might not be ideal for you and may not always offer you the best set of skills to help you overcome your addiction, get sober, and live a lifestyle of abstinence.

Continuing Care After Short Term Treatment

Many people will find that the key to achieving success after they complete their stay at short-term drug rehab centers revolves around continuing their treatment and rehabilitation in an individual or a group setting.

Since recovery from drug and alcohol abuse is long term in nature, you might want to continue with treatment at varying levels especially immediately after you check out of the short term rehabilitation facility. This will, of course, depend on your health, strength, and stage of sobriety.

Some of the continuing and aftercare programs that you might want to consider, therefore, include but are not necessary limited to:

  • Halfway houses
  • Intensive outpatient program, or IOP
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Partial hospitalization program, or PHP
  • Sober living homes
  • Support groups

Once you have integrated back into your new sober lifestyle, you should keep up with the lessons you learned at the short-term drug rehab centers you chose. This way, you will receive the continued support and aftercare that could help you overcome your addiction once and for all.

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