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Indiana Drug Rehab Centers

Research studies consistently show that Indiana has a high rate of prescription drug abuse and addiction. For several years now, it has become much easier for people to access these medications. As a result, it is not entirely surprising that some of them have started abusing them.

Figures from addiction treatment and rehabilitation facilities in the state also show that many more people are being admitted in these centers for abusing prescription medications.

The Prescription Drug Crisis In Indiana

Although there are many different reasons why the residents of Indiana abuse prescription drugs, it seems that the greatest numbers involve students who are searching for ways to function better than do.

However, there are also people in this state who get started with prescription medication abuse because they are looking to deal with a mental health disorder. This is known as self-medication and it is one of the fastest ways to develop an addiction.

The main thing to keep in mind is that prescription drug abuse and addiction do not discriminate by age, gender, race, creed, or orientation. In fact, just about anyone can develop this substance use disorder.

In recent years, the state of Indiana has witnessed a major increase in the abuse of prescription drugs, particularly opioid analgesic medications. This increase was reported as from 2010. However, it dropped slightly from 2015 to 2016 before starting to increase.

The state has also reported a significant increase in the abuse of opioid analgesic medications among rural, rural and mixed, and urban counties. However, it seems that this increase has mostly affected urban areas.

Opioid pain relief medications are also commonly abused all across Indiana. They include pharmaceutical drugs that are often prescribed by doctors, healthcare professionals, and physicians for the treatment of chronic and acute pain disorders.

This class of drugs works by binding itself to the opioid receptors scattered across the human body. By so doing, they effectively lead to relief from any pain that you might be feeling. Taken in high doses, they could also lead to the development of euphoria. This is why they are so highly addictive. Most of the people who report abusing prescription opioids in Indiana say that they get their drugs from relatives and friends.

Since these drugs create effects that are similar to those derived from heroin, some addicts eventually transition from prescription opioids to heroin abuse. This is one of the reasons that research studies report that most opioid users end up abusing heroin.

According to the NSDUH - the National Survey on Drug Use and Health - for 2014, it was reported that prescription pain relief medications such as opioid analgesics were the most commonly abused prescription drugs in Indiana. This class of drugs was closely followed by cocaine and heroin.

One of the major problems linked with prescription drug abuse is drug overdose. These medications have been leading to many such overdose situations all across Indiana, with some of them turning out to be fatal.

In 2016, for instance, the state lost 24 lives among every segment of 100,000 residents. This number increased to 29.4 deaths among every segment of 100,000 residents the following years. This represented an increase of more than 22.5 percent during that period.

Although most of the deaths linked to a drug overdose reported during the period involved opioid drugs, the state did not include overdose fatalities resulting from opioid abuse. This is because the data did not meet all the inclusion criteria.

Even so, it is not exactly surprising that doctors in Indiana wrote more than 74 prescriptions for every segment of 100 people in the state. This was according to reports released by the CDC - the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Today, Indiana has been trying to curb and reduce the prescription drug abuse crisis affecting its residents through the following methods:

  • It has been implementing programs targeted at reducing the abuse of prescription and other drugs among the young people of the state
  • It has been monitoring the rates of substance abuse among local residents
  • It has been preventing the transition of various conditions that mostly plague people who abuse prescription and other drugs through intravenous means, including hepatitis C and HIV
  • It has incorporated recovery-based frameworks all across the state
  • It has increased access to addiction treatment and rehabilitation programs, particularly medication assisted treatment programs
  • It has promoted the use of overdose reversal medications, such as naloxone - a drug that is effective at reversing the adverse effects of an opioid overdose

In many cases, the people who abuse prescription drugs in Indiana do so because of one reason or the other. They also access these medications through a wide variety of means. It is one of this reasons that Indiana also has some enforcement efforts in place. These efforts are designed to reduce the prevalence of doctor shopping and pill mills across the state.

Addiction Treatment In Indiana

Apart from the above prevention methods, it is also possible for people who are addicted to prescription drugs to get help so that they stop using these medications. This help often comes in the form of addiction treatment and rehabilitation services.

These services are available at both inpatient and outpatient addiction recovery programs. These programs can give you the help that you need to overcome your prescription drug abuse and addiction. It is recommended that you reach out to one of them so that you can get started on the road to full recovery in Indiana.











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