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Holistic Drug Rehab Centers

If you have been struggling with alcohol and drug abuse, you might be like most people who prefer to seek addiction treatment through traditional programs - like the use of medications and 12 step facilities. Although these programs are effective and they have been proved to work, you might also find that holistic drug rehab centers are a good option.

In effect, holistic programs can help you seek recovery and relief from a severe addiction. They usually work by improving the state and health of the spirit, body, and mind.

Widely considered to be effective alternatives to traditional mainstream rehab - which often includes medication-assisted treatment and psychotherapy, holistic drug rehab centers use a variety of therapeutic styles. In the process, these programs can teach you how to protect every aspect of your health. Therefore, you can count on them to help you overcome your addiction.

Understanding Holistic Drug Rehab Centers

Holistic drug rehab centers provide treatments that are alternatives to the traditional model of addiction recovery - which often focuses on support groups, 12 step programs, and psychotherapy.

As such, they are based on holistic rehabilitation designed to address the patient as a whole. This means that these programs will work on the connection between the mind, body, and spirit so that they can help you deal with substance abuse and addiction.

In effect, people turn to alcohol and drugs for a wide variety of reasons. Whereas some might be trying to self-medicate some physical problems like back pain, otherwise use intoxicating substances to numb the painful and lonely feelings of emptiness. Others still will engage in substance abuse while trying to self-medicate an underlying mental health problem.

While struggling with drug and alcohol abuse, you might not always be aware of the exact areas in your life and health that you are trying to manage with these intoxicating substances. To this end, the programs offered by holistic drug rehab centers could potentially prove useful.

In particular, these centers focus on maintaining and improving all the three areas of wholesome health. This means that they might have a better chance of targeting all the problems in your life, thereby helping you to become sober and remain so over the long term.

The philosophy behind holistic addiction treatment holds that the three main areas of life are interconnected. As a direct result, if one of the areas is out of sync, it will inadvertently affect the others.

Therefore, checking into holistic drug rehab centers means that you will have the advantage of alternative medicine to heal all the areas of your life. By so doing, they can effectively ensure that you continue staying sober - especially after the problems pushing you to abuse substances are resolved.

Benefits Of Holistic Drug Rehab Centers

Almost everyone with a substance use disorder can benefit from attending holistic drug rehab centers. The only requirement that you have to meet before being admitted into one of these facilities is that you have to be willing to achieve and maintain sobriety in the long term.

To this end, holistic drug rehab centers often offer some of the treatment options you would typically find at a traditional addiction rehabilitation facility - but with some extra benefits.

Like a traditional program, a holistic center will also have trained and experienced therapists and counselors on staff. This means that you can count on these experts to provide you with the daily individual and group therapy sessions you need. Additionally, the center might also host support group meetings on site.

However, some of the services - such as the detox process - might be conducted in a different way when you choose a rehabilitation center that is focused on holistic healing. For instance, detox might not encompass the use of medications to ease the often uncomfortable and sometimes withdrawal symptoms that arise when you stop abusing drugs and alcohol.

Apart from an emphasis on standard rehabilitation features and services, holistic drug rehab centers might also provide:

  • Alternative types of psychotherapy, including animal-assisted, music, and art therapy
  • Complementary therapy like acupuncture and massage
  • Meditation exercises and sessions, including prayer sessions, tai chi, and yoga
  • Organic and natural meal plans to address nutritional deficiencies arising from addiction as well as improve your physical health and wellness
  • Physical activities like swimming, mountain climbing, hiking, and biking
  • Scenic locations by a lake or ocean, or in the mountains

How Holistic Drug Rehab Centers Work

When most people come across holistic drug rehab centers, they think of new ideas and philosophies that emanate from a higher being or great source of power. As a direct result, before you know what they encompass, you may assume images of incense, contortions, and chanting, with people in yoga poses.

However, there is more holistic addiction treatment than you might suppose. Holistic, as a term, means looking at situations as a whole, people as whole beings, and issues in their entirety.

To this end, holistic drug rehab centers will focus significant attention on your entire person. They will also provide treatment for the entire person as a complete whole - and not just to your ongoing substance abuse and addiction.

The AHMA (or the American Holistic Medical Association) reports that holistic approaches to addiction rehabilitation comes with many facets. As a direct result, checking into one of these centers will see you benefit from treatments like:

  • Acupuncture
  • Art therapy
  • Ayurveda
  • Chiropractic care
  • Exercise routines
  • Herbal treatments
  • Homeopathy
  • Massage therapy
  • Meditation
  • Music therapy
  • Naturopathy
  • Nutritional therapy
  • Spiritual counseling
  • Tai chi
  • Yoga

As a recovering addict, you might also be exposed to other forms of therapy - such as art and aqua therapy. All these treatments will be designed to heal you in your entirety - and not just your substance abuse.

Traditional Vs Holistic Drug Rehab Centers

When holistic practices are applied to the concept of addiction treatment, the focus will mainly be placed on your overall health and wellness - and not just the symptoms and adverse effects of your addiction.

To heal your body, for instance, holistic drug rehab centers will significantly emphasize treating your soul and energy centers. For example, they might use Ayurvedic medicine - which holds that your spirit, body, and mind and interconnected.

For good health, therefore, the center will ensure that your spirit is at peace. Similarly, they will try to give you clarity of thought by working towards the health and wellness of your body.

The Ayurvedic medicine used in many holistic drug rehab centers often includes additional treatments, such as spiritual enlightenment, dietary management, cleansing your internal systems, meditation, and yoga - among others.

However, some of these centers might also combine these holistic concepts of addiction treatment with more mainstream and traditional approaches. By so doing, they will effectively take the best aspects of each system to create a highly individualized and customized intensive rehabilitation plan to help you overcome your addiction.

Traditional recovery programs, on the other hand, place significant focus on specific scientific and evidence-based approaches to addiction treatment and care. As a resident in such a facility, therefore, you can expect to enjoy the benefits of educational lectures, cognitive behavioral therapy, and individual and group therapy and counseling sessions, among others.

These programs are different from holistic drug rehab centers which mainly emphasize a relaxing and peaceful environment - to help you focus on rediscovering yourself and experiencing greater interconnected with yourself and with the universe around you.

Traditional programs might also prescribe medications - particularly for detoxification - to help you alleviate any drug cravings you have as well as the withdrawal symptoms you display. Holistic programs, however, will focus on detoxing your system internally and naturally, using alternative processes like herbal remedies and colonics.

Holistic drug rehab centers can also use massage therapy, homeopathy, and Reiki. Massage therapy, in particular, has been found useful because it has been used for centuries around the world for general healing and wellness. It is applied to addiction treatment through holistic rehab to deal with the physical pain you might experience in your joints and muscles - particularly during the withdrawal stage.

More On Holistic Drug Treatment

The doctors and addiction treatment experts working at holistic drug rehab centers use a variety of natural healing techniques and modalities to remove alcohol and drugs (as well as their resultant toxins) from the body. More particularly, they do this without using any medications.

These centers are sometimes effective because, as the Department of Behavioral Health in Louisiana reports, addicts often have underlying physical, mental, and spiritual struggles. These struggles usually lead them to seek respite from alcohol and drugs.

To provide healing, therefore, holistic drug rehab centers can use alternative medicine, including but not limited to meditation, art therapy, acupuncture, and yoga, to provide healing. In the process, they may be able to heal you emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally.

Today, NIDA (or the National Institute on Drug Abuse) reports that holistic recovery programs can help you:

  • Cope with triggers and other temptations through relaxation, thought disruption, and visualization
  • Develop recovery plans for the long-term
  • Find healthier alternatives to your substance abuse
  • Identify the factors that are triggering your substance abuse and addiction
  • Stop your addiction before it spreads further
  • Understand the events that caused you to start abusing drugs and alcohol

However, some holistic drug rehab centers can also combine their treatments with traditional addiction rehabilitation modalities - such as drug detox, round the clock care and monitoring, and individual and group therapy. By so doing, they may effectively be able to provide you with the perfect balance of wellness and healing you need to overcome your substance abuse.

These programs also focus on mindfulness as well as your connection with nature and the environment. This is why most of them are located in peaceful and scenic locations, close to large masses of water, near or in the mountains, and close to green spaces - to help nurture you back to health.

Levels Of Treatment

While looking for top holistic drug rehab centers, you need to check for some qualifications. First, you might want to check the treatment options provided by the facility. In many cases, you may find that they will provide most of the treatments you need according to your level and phase of addiction.

Consider the following options:

a) Inpatient Holistic Treatment

To this end, if you have a severe problem with drugs, you might receive inpatient or residential care. This way, you will be able to live inside the holistic drug rehab center over the entire course of your treatment period.

b) Partial Day Holistic Treatment

However, you might also benefit from partial day holistic programs, where you only have to spend a couple of hours every day at the center. During this time, you will get the opportunity to focus on education and proper therapy.

c) Outpatient Holistic Treatment

If you opt for outpatient treatment, you will most likely participate in ongoing therapy and rehabilitation a couple of hours each week over several months. As you undergo treatment, you can also benefit from the other services provided at any holistic addiction center.

Finding The Right Recovery Facility

With so many holistic drug rehab centers, how do you find the right one? In many cases, these programs will offer counseling sessions and individual activities to help you overcome your addiction.

Additionally, holistic addiction treatment will often focus on individualized programs and plans because of the widespread belief that addiction needs to be treated at varying levels and degrees to ensure that patients recover successfully.

As with other rehabilitation programs, it is imperative that you evaluate the holistic drug rehab centers you are interested in by asking a couple of questions. These questions might include the following:

  • Does the program provide follow-up care?
  • How long does addiction treatment last?
  • How much will it cost me to attend the program?
  • Is this facility licensed and accredited?
  • What credentials do the members of staff have?
  • What treatment options do you offer?
  • Where is the holistic drug rehab center located?

After scouring many holistic drug rehab centers, you might find one that can meet your needs. When this happens, you should visit it in person, speak to the members of staff, and get a feel for the surroundings. If it matches your needs, you can check in and start benefit from the treatments available. In the long run, this could help you overcome your addiction and go on to lead a life of sobriety and abstinence.

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