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Signs of Marijuana Use

Here are some of the more common signs of marijuana use. However, these signs don.t necessarily mean marijuana use for certain; they should cause you concern and may require you to investigate more formally. Obviously, unless you catch them in the act it's hard to be sure (unless you catch them with paraphernalia.that's a real giveaway) but the more worrisome changes in behavior and activities that you see, the more concerned you need to get.

Common Signs of Marijuana Use:

  • Signs of marijuana use often include a sudden change in friends, especially if long lasting good friends seem discarded for a new group of seemingly less savory friends.
  • A sudden drop in academic performance. When your previously A and B teen becomes a C and D teen, something is going on.
  • A sudden need for more money without much to show for it (a marijuana habit can get expensive).
  • Another of the signs of marijuana use maybe a sudden willingness to take the dog for a late night walk. This may be an excuse to get out of the house to smoke a joint.
  • Appearing stoned, an obvious one, but a lot of parents tend to explain away odd behaviors with wishful thinking. If your teen seems confused, slow and lethargic, they may be high.
  • Incense. A lot of teens will develop an interest in cloying and perfuming incense as they attempt to cover up the smell of marijuana smoke. Incense in the bedroom or a smell on the clothes can be a warning sign of drug use.
  • Some parents miss the most obvious signs of marijuana use, marijuana stickers or posters. A lot of teens like to advertise their usage and do so through stickers, pins on school bags and books, or through posters in the bedroom. A marijuana poster above the bed is a pretty good signs of an unhealthy interest in the drug. The code 420 always refers to marijuana smoking, and you can often see 420 stickers on teen school bags.
  • Mouth wash, air fresheners etc. Like incense, if your teen suddenly develops a concern with scent masking agents, you might want to wonder why all of a sudden this is so.
  • Rolling papers, pipes, a bong, roach clips etc. Drug paraphernalia is a pretty good indicator of a problem, and once teens acquire drug taking accessories, you can be sure they.ve passed the initial experimentation stage of use. They are not holding these things for friends.
  • Seemingly talking in code or in a secretive manner with friends while you are in earshot.
  • Signs of marijuana use may include depression or isolation from the family. Teens do crave independence and autonomy, and will go through some phases of change, but an unusual demand for isolation in the bedroom and a refusal to participate in family activities may be a cause for concern.
  • Small burns on the thumb and forefinger; a characteristic injury caused by smoking a joint down to the very end. Nothing else causes this type of burn injury.
  • They don't seem motivated to accomplish any worthwhile goals. Normal healthy teens will have interests, passions and desires to accomplish. These desires may not be academic, and they may not be interests that you approve of, but most teens have interests and activities. If your teen doesn.t seem to have any, they may be smoking marijuana.
  • Visine use is another of the many signs of marijuana use. If you find a bottle of eye drops while doing the laundry, you have real cause for concern. Healthy teens don.t often need eye strain medication, red eyed marijuana smokers concealing use do.
  • Your teen no longer participates in activities they used to find very enjoyable and rewarding. Suddenly abandoning sports, music or clubs without replacing these activities with anything other than "hanging out with friends" is not a good sign.

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